What a day!

I just looked at the date of my last post. Wow! I'm so behind!!

Think I'll just start with today and fill y'all in on some other things later. (Remind me to tell you about Josh and the fish fryer.)

Jake had a track meet in Ruston today. Field events would start at 3 and the running would start at 4. He's a runner so the times worked out great for me since I get off work at 3 and Ruston is about 30 minutes from us.

I leave work at 3, stop by the Sonic to get a diet vanilla coke and hit the road. Ask me what time I got to Ruston?? 4:30!!! UGH!!

First thing that happened was that I got to play *chicken* on the interstate. You know there is always construction on the interstate so when I saw headlights coming toward me on MY side of the road, I really thought it was a state worker. Then as I got closer I saw it was NOT a state worker but some body actually driving the wrong way. It was unreal. Luckily a state trooper saw him and stopped him.

I was listening to the radio and the DJ said it was an elderly man that had gotten turned around somehow and now he was headed in the right direction. Does anything about that scare you?? Shouldn't maybe he be taken off the road??

That really didn't effect my time though. But this did. The traffic comes to a complete and total stop right outside of Ruston. Apparently someone from the eastbound lane has crossed the median and hit a car in the westbound lane (my lane!) The DJ said that it was a severe accident. I haven't heard what happened to the people involved but the vehicles looked horrible.

So I finally make it to the track meet. Jake has just finished his one and only event, the 2 mile run. Yes, I missed it!! So now I get to sit in the bleachers until 7:45 watching other people's kids run. Ask me how much fun I had!!

Luckily the ride home was totally non-eventful!!

Tomorrow I promise to tell you the story of Josh and the fish fryer! Some of you already know it, so act surprised!!