Happy Heart Day to me!!

I got the most wonderful package in the mail today!! My Valentine Exchange!! Jodi had my name and stitched me FOUR wonderful pieces!! A sunflower heart needlecase. I love sunflowers!! A heart ornament. A heart pinkeep/flatfold. A cherub pin. I can't wait to wear my pin tomorrow on my lab coat!! She also sent two skeins of thread. One was a red called Cupid!! How cute!! There was also a bunch of pink and red beads!! Jodi knows me well!! Thanks again Jodi!! I love it all!!
Well, I think my patient is better! He was fever free all day. That Tamiflu is amazing! I remember back in my day, we had the flu for at least week. He is so bored that I think he's going back to school tomorrow. We'll see how he feels in the morning. So far none of the other boys have gotten sick. Knock on wood!

Valentine's Exchange picture

Here's the front of the ornament I did for a Valentine exchange. The back is just our names and the date. But I can't show you that now!! I'll wait till she receives it.

Flu bug

Jake woke up this morning with a temp of 102, so off to the doctor we went. We were a work in at 3. I think we finally saw the doctor at 4. Poor Jake. He was so miserable. Blood count was low and the nasal swab ( I swear I saw gray matter on that swab!!) came back positive for Type A. YUCK!! The doctor said he'd probably be out of school till Friday. I think we caught it early enough for the Tamiflu to help so maybe it won't be that long. ha!!

Maybe I can get some stitching in!!


Boy, time flies!! I had no idea it had been this long since I posted. Nothing really exciting going on. I've been working on a Valentine Exchange piece for one of my yahoo groups. I finished it today and I think it turned out cute! I stitched a little cherub and soldered it. It made a cute little ornament. I'll post a picture of it after my partner gets it. Well, maybe I could post a picture before because it doesn't have her name on it!

We had a nice day today. Jonah's best friend Taylor had a birthday party today. Believe it or not, he wanted Brad to take him. Josh went too. So it was just Jake and me here for the morning. We spent a little time cleaning then we played. He played computer and I got out the soldering iron!!

This afternoon, Josh had a basketball game. He has gotten so much better!! His team lost today but made a great come back and almost won. He doesn't play again for a week but will have practice Thursday night.

Basketball practice is getting expensive though! The gym where they practice is behind Sam's, so we'll drop Josh off and then head to Sam's!! I think I'll try a new place this Thursday, like Kohl's!!

Brad and I had a date tonight! He had done some computer work for a friend and they gave him a gift certificate to our favorite place to eat, The Waterfront Grill http://www.waterfrontgrill.com/ Yummy!! The poor boys had a frozen pizza!!

I'll try to post some pictures soon of my latest soldered pieces and of Josh playing ball.

Dentists and Sugar

I hate dentists!! Well not really the dentist but having dental work done. I have HORRIBLE teeth for somebody that really takes care of their teeth. Let me start at the first of my dental story. While we were in New Orleans for Jake's birthday, which was November 3, I broke a tooth which come to find out was a very old crown. So when we got home, I made an appt to see about getting it fixed. During that appt they reminded me that I had another crown I needed to have done too. OH joy!!

So I have all that done and my gum is too irritated to take the impressions. Make another appt to come back in a week. Ok, do that. Get a phone call a couple of weeks later that the crown maker didn't like that impression, can we do another one. Ok, do that. That was the week before Thanksgiving. OH forgot that during all of that one of the temporary crowns come off... OUCH!! Have to go back in to get it put on.

Today was the day I was going to get my new crowns. I'm so excited I'm going to be DONE!! Well, one of the crowns is a perfect fit. The other one, not so much. Again my gum is too irritated to take another impression so I have to go back NEXT week. I could scream!! And to top it all off, everything they did to me today they did with out deadening my mouth. I was trying to be tough, but I shouldn't have.

Ok, I'm done talking about dentists!! Let's talk about Sugar or Sugah!!! She's the newest member of our family. She is a gorgeous 6 month old kitten.

I just love how her tail is striped!! She's so white and then that tail!! There's also a perfect circle on her side that is striped too.

Here's some pictures of some beading/soldering I've done.

The top 2 pictures are what I made for my sister for her birthday. I was going to make her a 4 strand Mother's bracelet but chickened out. When she opened it she said she was glad it was a 2 strand because she said the 4 would have been too big for her!! So I made the right decision. YEA!!

The next bracelet is one I made for Nannie. It's one of the magnetic bracelets. She was so excited. Her hands are just eaten up with arthritis and can not do any clasps. This one just wraps on itself so it's perfect for her.

The next pendant I made for Jake's girlfriend for Christmas. And the next picture is a Mother's Bracelet I made for money!!