Ok, I'm going to attempt a to post a picture! Hope it works!!

Yea!! I did it! This is from Jonah's first day at school this year. He's in second grade. His teacher is just PRECIOUS!! She calls everybody precious!! She taught Josh in kindergarten then retired. She decided she missed teaching and came back to second grade. I'm so glad she is Jonah's teacher. We just love her!!


First day at my new job and I had to leave early!! I made a GREAT impression!! My middle son had the school nurse call me to let me know he had an earache. I asked her if he was ok to stay at school and she said yes. So I told her I would call to get an appointment at the dr's office and would pick him up to go there. I called the office and found out that Josh has never seen this doctor. How could that be?? We've used this doctor for at least 5 years. Anyway the receptionist told me that she could get him in next week but not any sooner b/c he was a NEW patient. Ok, I have 3 boys. One of which just saw this dr last week!! I told her this and it didn't seem to matter. I had to hang up before I got ugly with her!! After I calmed down, I called back and asked what I needed to do to get an appt with this dr. I went through the dance and finally got an appointment for after school. UGH!!

About an hour after all of this, Josh's math teacher called me and said he was crying all through her class. So I found my new boss and told her what was going on. I felt horrible!! What a wonderful way to start my first day. Good news is Josh just has an ear infection and should be good to go to school tomorrow. I would have just died if I had to call in sick tomorrow. I did let the doctor know I was not happy about having trouble getting in today. I know this doctor - we went to college together and are from neighboring home towns. He didn't understand what happened either. He said they routinely see siblings. Guess I just got the one person who didn't know this. He apologized several times and I know he felt bad about it.

I think I'm going to love my new job!! I get to wear pink scrubs!! Next to purple, pink is my favorite color!! It's a totally different job than I've done before. Not like diagnostic x-ray at all. Everybody was really nice and patient with me. I have to learn new people, new routines, new everything!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving!! We're going to my dad's today, my mother-in-law's tomorrow and my mom's Sunday. I'm going to be HUGE!! The best part is I don't have to cook this year!! My MIL said that it was my turn next year so I'm going to enjoy this year!!

Monday I start my new position at the hospital. I'll be doing bone densities at the breast center. I was so nervous about talking to them and wasn't sure what I would do but it's just perfect for me and my family. I'll work Monday through Thursday, 9 to 2:30. I went from not having any hours to work for the month of December to having around 20hrs a week pretty much guaranteed. What a blessing!! I'm really sad about leaving my other department. I just love everybody there. It's going to be a big change but a good one.

Don't eat too much turkey!!

My Monday

What a day! I was off yesterday so today was my Monday. It was hard to go to work when everybody else in the house was sleeping!! Brad is off of work all week and the boys are out of school. I did have a short day at work because Jake, our oldest son, got braces today. Just on the top. He'll have the bottom ones put on in 4-6 months. He had a little trouble eating supper but I think he'll be fine tomorrow.

When I got home, Brad and the other 2 boys were putting up a *redneck* swing! Only my husband (or his dad) would put it together like he did. I tried to take pictures but it was too dark for my little camera. I'll try again tomorrow when I get home from work. This swing project was one that Brad and his dad wanted to do but didn't get done before he died. I just know that John (my father in law) is just grinning in heaven looking down at it! Brad did it just like he would have!! Like father,like son!! I looked out in the backyard at one point and Brad's riding the tractor through the yard. The next time I saw him, he's on one of the gocarts. The next time I saw him, he had dirt all over him. Something about going around a curve too fast and ROLLING the gocart!! I definitely have FOUR boys!!

I thought tomorrow would be my last day at work for awhile but I may have a chance to do bone densities at the breast center at my hospital. I'm going to try to talk to the director of that department tomorrow. I so need to keep working to pay for these braces on Jake's teeth!!

Well, I thought I was going to post some pictures but I need to set up an account first to put the pictures in! I promise some pics soon!!

First Post!

Well, I finally did it! We'll see how this goes. Hopefully I can keep up with it. Wish me luck!