Life in Texas!

We decided to spend spring break in Dallas again this year. We only have 2 things we HAVE to do. The first is the Great Wolf Lodge and the second is the King Tut exhibit. We are at the Lodge right now and it is WONDERFUL! It's a huge indoor water park. Now the thought of me in a swimsuit is horrible. I did not stick to my diet and exercise plan like my BFF Laura! So I ordered me a swimsuit with a cute little skirt so I would feel more comfortable. So far so good! Now if I only had a

We made our first stop in Longview at the coolest gas station ever! We got out to get gas but not only could you get gas, you could order Sonic while you waited!! A dream come true. We decided to go in and check out the inside. There was a billboard earlier that advertised 25 flavors of beef jerky. In a truckfull of boys, that was very interesting!! Inside was not only the jerky, but a Sonic, a bakery, a BBQ eatery and the normal candy and drinks!! I had no idea gas stations could be so nice!!

Did I mention that both of our mothers are with us?? This should be a very interesting trip!! I hope they can survive us...

I do have some pictures but not many yet. I promise to take more today to show the lodge but I'm telling, pictures will not do it justice! This place is made for kids and more kids!

Well, I just tried to upload the pictures, but I can't seem to do it. Sorry! I'm on Brad's computer and it just doesn't work like mine.

Guess I'll go float in the lazy river instead!!

Happy Birthday Jonah!


Today Jonah is 9!  My baby boy is growing up.   Could it be that 9 years ago he was (or it seemed!) always crying?  I bounced that baby boy more than the other 2 boys put together!  He wouldn’t let me out of his sight!  And now he is very independent.  Who would have thought??


 I love you Jonah!!  I’m very proud of the boy you are!