Lion paws & ducks

Here's a picture of the charms I soldered yesterday. I put a *K* on two of them for the girls they were going to. The backs of the others are just blank. Couldn't come up with anything great to put back there. Should have just put the word *lion*. I wish I had made ME one! I'll need one for all the football games next year since Jake and Josh will both be playing. Josh will be a Lion Cub and Jake will be a Lion!! How fun!! Speaking of Jake, he did make the track team! Please tell me how we're going to handle track practice and baseball practice???
Since we moved into this house (4 years ago this weekend!!), we have tried desperately to have ducks on one of the two ponds. One of our dearest friends brought the boys 12 baby ducks for 2 years in a row. The first year we had 6 survive I think. The second year NONE of them did. It was horrible. Last year we had a mallard and hen come back and nest. Something got the eggs though. We were so sad.
We've been noticing another duck couple (maybe the same one??) on the little pond. Then we noticed just the daddy duck. Well today, we walked out on the island in the little pond and the momma duck swam off. Guess who's made her nest on Josh's island??!! The bad news is our dog Bruno was with us and found the nest too. We tried to shoo him off and I hope it was in time. He doesn't go out there unless the boys are with him so I hope he forgets!! This picture is of the daddy duck. The poles lead to Josh's island. I hate that the island's not in the picture. It's not very big, maybe 15ft round and not very pretty, but the boys love it.

I was so disappointed today. My friend Laura and I were supposed to go see The Other Boleyn Girl tonight. But guess where the only place in all of the USA this movie didn't come?? Yep, right here! (I might be exaggerating about being the only place!!) Maybe one of y'all will get to see it and can tell me how wonderful it is! Guess I'll have to wait til it comes out on DVD. Pout pout.

But to help make up for my disappointment, my sweet husband is taking me to Canton, TX for First Monday Trade Days. I'm so excited!! We used to go all the time before we had kids. Then we stopped. I hope the boys won't be too bored but there should be things for them to look at too. Plus the food is really good.

Bike & track

Today was Awards day at Jonah's school. I was supposed to get to go but one of the techs I work with had called in because her son was sick so I couldn't. Anyway.....My phone rang this afternoon but I couldn't answer it because I had a patient. It was Jo's school. Then a minute later it rang again and it was Brad. I figured something was wrong with back to back calls like that! So I excused myself and stepped out in the hall to answer it. Brad said that Jo had called him because he needed a ride home from school (he usually rides the bus) because he had won a bike at the awards ceremony!! The PTO donates prizes for each 6 weeks and this time it was a boy's bike. Jonah's name was pulled out of the hat for it! He was one happy little boy!! He needed a new bike and we had talked about getting him one for his birthday in April. Guess we'll have to figure out something else to get him!

I'm off of work for the rest of the week!! First on my agenda is cleaning the house and getting the clothes washed and put away. Then I want to work on some Easter things for the house. I started this little kit last night and I'm almost done with it.

We'll see what else I can get into!! I've gotten some cute Easter things to solder too.

Jake tried out for track today at school. He did pretty well, running a mile in 7min20sec. They have a mock track meet Thursday and then they'll let the boys know if they made the team or not.

Last second!

Josh had his last basketball game of the season today. It was a very exciting game. At half time we were down by 10 points. I just knew it was over!! The other team kept making 3 pointers and I thought there was no way they would recover. But we caught up! Only one point behind. Imagine 6 seconds on clock, one of our team shoots and misses. Josh gets the rebound and shoots and SCORES!! I wish you could have seen his face!! It was priceless. He's only made 4 points this whole season so this was BIG!!!

Jonah wanted to go to the movies today to see Spiderwick. He had read all the books and was just about to have to fit to see it. I wasn't too sure because I'd heard it was scary and I didn't want to freak him out. But he convinced me he could handle it and we went. He loved it! And he didn't get freaked out once! It was funny because he'd lean over and tell me that that part wasn't like that in the book!

The only thing crafty I did today was to make a couple of earrings. My sister had gotten a pretty beaded necklace and wanted earrings to match. I finally remembered to order some beads to try and match it. I used Montana blue AB beads. My mother in law came over for supper tonight and saw them and took them!! Her favorite color is blue. They went immediately in her ears! So I made another pair for Lara. I called her and told her to wear the necklace to church tomorrow so we could see if they match. Hope they do!!

Tomorrow is Brad's grandfather's birthday. He'll be 94!! He is something else. I always thought he was a good looking man. I know what Brad will look like at that age since all the men in that family look the same!!


I'm behind again!! Well, Jonah didn't have the flu, thank goodness. He just ran a low temp for 3 days. We watched a lot of movies and just hung out.

The other 2 boys have had a couple of good things happen. Jake and Rachel (his little *friend*!!) tied for 1st place in their category for the Social Studies Fair. Then Josh and his best friend placed 2nd with theirs. YEA!! They both get to go to regionals which is at ULM (our local college) on March 18. The funny thing about Josh's project is ( I really really shouldn't admit this but I will!!) it's the same exact project they entered last year. They got NOTHING with it. This year they placed 2nd. The only thing I can figure is that they were not as nervous and just wowed the judges with their speech. I'm very proud of them!!

We had a great weekend last weekend. Our church was doing DiscipleNow and we were a host home, which meant we had 12 9th grade boys. They were wonderful kids!! I've never seen so much food disappear in my life!! One of the boys made a profession of faith during the weekend!! I was so proud, you'd have thought I was his momma!!

Several of the boys go to the high school where Jake will go next fall. I was so glad to get to talk to them and hear their opinions on it. They love it. I was so nervous about him going to the junior high and he has just loved it. He's a totally different child. Much more outgoing and brave. He's played football and soccer. He's thinking about trying out for track. All this from my little boy who just used to read at recess. Anyway, I was glad to hear good things about the high school. You never hear the good things, just the bad. He's really excited about going. Me, I'm freaking out because he's growing up tooooooo fast. It's just gone by way too fast.

We just watched a really good movie with the boys tonight. It was The Martian Child. John Cusack was in it and he did a wonderful job!! The little boy that was in it is Jonah's age. Wonder if he'll wake up a martian tomorrow?!!

I haven't done any stitching or soldering lately. I think I'm in withdrawals!! My mom's birthday is coming up and I have a couple of things I want to make for her. Guess I should get busy!

We don't really have much planned for the weekend. Josh has his last basketball game in the morning and that's it! I may go look for a chair for the game room. I think I've picked out what I want. It's called a snuggler. Kinda like a chair and a half recliner. Decorating is not my thing!! I wish I had a personal decorator that could make all these decisions for me! I should post a picture of the chair and the room and let y'all decide.......maybe I'll do that! All I know is that I need somewhere to sit while we watch movies. The furniture that was in the room went to my mother-in-law's new house. So I sit in a folding chair while we're in there watching movies.

Hope y'all have a great weekend!!

More flu?

Jonah woke up with a fever this morning. I called the dr's office and she (the nurse) said that the fever wasn't high enough to be the flu but......she would call in a preventive dose of Tamiflu. Wonder what tomorrow will bring??

More hearts

Here is what I did this afternoon!! Aren't they fun?? The pictures are of the front and back. I'm going to give them to my little nieces for Valentine's. I'm trying to decide what to string them on. I picked up a couple of options at Michael's yesterday. Some pink suede and ball chain. The ball chain might be easier for the girls since they could just put them on over their necks.

I wish you could have seen me yesterday trying to get those words centered on the heart paper punch!! I think that was the hardest part.

Hearts, fried fish and broken glass

We had an easy day today. I kinda thought we might go to Canton, TX for First Monday Trade days, but it just didn't work out. I was really the only one who wanted to go (imagine that!!). Brad would have gone with me but the boys were not thrilled about it. So I got up and made (from scratch) pancakes. Then Brad and I headed to look at some chairs for the game room. He was sweet and took me to Michael's. I got a couple of heart paper punches. I'm making some Valentine pendants for my niece's. The idea came from another soldering site. They are soooo cute!!

Spent some time working with my glass cutter today. I think I broke more glass than I did anything!! But I got a couple of sets ready for my new project.

Brad got me a new cell phone this week. I've had my other one almost 3 years. He decided that I needed to join the new technology! It's a Soft Lavender Razor!! I just love it. Jake had to show me how to do several things on it which thrilled him!!

Brad tried out his new super-duper fish fryer tonight. He did some catfish, shrimp, pickles and french fries. Yummy! We did cheat and call my sweet baby brother for his advice. Chris is a wonderful cook. Everything he told us to try was absolutely wonderful! I would have never thought about doing the dill pickles!! Fun fun!!

Ok, I'm off to make a cell phone fob for my new phone!!