Leaving on a jet plane…..

Tomorrow morning, my BFF Laura and I are leaving on a jet plane going to the Big Apple!!  Woohoo!! 

Back in April, we were sitting in Sunday School rocking our bed babies and I made the comment that I really wanted to go see Wicked.  Well, Laura’s hubbie went home and found us cheap tickets to NYC.  And it just grew from there!  We were just going up to see the play and come home.  But that wasn’t enough!!  We would be in NYC!!!  We’d have to see another play, Momma Mia.  And we’d have to go to the top of the Empire State building, go to Ground Zero, go to the Statue of Liberty…..our list just grew! 

We’ve got 3 full days to sightsee and eat as much cheesecake as we want!!  So much for the 10 pounds I just lost!!  lol 

The weather is just perfect according to weather.com.  It’s not supposed to be above 80.  Laura and I will probably freeze since it’s been in the 100’s here!! 

Wish you could see the smile on my face!! 

So proud!

I know I’m waayy behind so this will probably be long and picture-full!! 

Where to start??  I think the first thing was the children’s choir musical.  Jonah had a speaking part.  He loves to act and sing!

Picnik collagemusical Jonah got to learn how to use a lasso – that was his favorite part!  The cutie pie is my niece Callie.  I’m proud of her too.  She just cut her hair and donated it to locks of love!  This is her second time to donate and she’s only 7!!

Picnik collagemusical2 This gorgeous girl is my niece too, Emma Beth.  She’s Callie’s sister.  What a sweetie!  My dad got to come to the musical too.  He was so proud of his grandkids!  Emma and Jonah both had speaking parts.  Callie sang in the choir.  She was too cute.  At one point during the song *All Things* while everyone else was doing the motions they were supposed to do, she did cute movements showing off her muscles, showing how strong her God is! 



Here’s the whole cast!  They were so good!  I don’t think any of them forgot any of their lines!  I think it was the best one yet!  (I say that every year though!!)




Now to Josh!  This is the end of school awards.  He was a Cub Scholar.  He had all A’s and one B every 6 weeks!!  Math was a killer!!  The others in the picture are his principal (lady in white shirt) and assistant principals.   They love Josh.  He’s so outgoing and funny!  He keeps everyone laughing!!

I don’t have a picture of Jake at the end of school.  He’s in high school you know!  They’re too cool for that!!  But he played soccer, division one and school league, and football.  He lettered for school soccer and we ordered that jacket!!  What an honor!  He has tried out for the division one team again and made it!  Oh, back to his grades!  He did great for his freshman year!  All A’s and one B.  Math is not good to my boys!! 


joaward3      jo&dd


Here is Jonah at his end of school awards.  He got the trophy for having the longest jump rope record, 3 minutes 14 seconds!!  And he got the math award!   That’s Mrs. Dee Dee trying to kiss him!  She wasn’t his teacher (she wasn’t able to be there that day ):   )  so Dee Dee stood in!  We love her!!



These are his bestest buddies!  What a great group of kids!  Smart and cute!!  He had such a great year!  Third grade rocked!! 




This is my baby brother!  He is the store director for Super1 in Ruston. He and his store were honored with an award for their partnership in education.  They donate a lot of time and money for the children in Ruston.  I’m so proud of him!!   It is quite an honor for him!!