Please pray



Yesterday was a horrible day in our family.  My brother and his wife found out during an ultrasound that their sweet baby boy no longer had a heart beat.  We’ve known for a couple of weeks that there were some problems but we were ever so hopeful.  She was around 22 weeks.  They admitted her and induced labor.  Around midnight Christopher Claude was born.  Christopher is my brother’s name and Claude was my paternal grandfather’s name.  

To say we’re heartbroken is such an understatement.  They have 3 precious little girls and to add a boy was just a dream come true for them. 

Please pray for them!  The only way they are going to get through this is with God guiding them.  Thank you!

(this picture is of Chris and Nancy and 2 of their girls.  The one in Chris’s hand is a friend of theirs.)