Amaryllis, dances and graduation

Josh had a busy weekend this past weekend. Saturday night was the 6th grade mixer dance. The 3 schools that will join together at the junior high always have a dance so the kids can get to know each other. Yeah right! I don't think there was any mixing!! But they had fun. For Josh, it was the last time he'd be with some of his friends. His whole group of friends are all going to different schools. Since Josh has a sweetie now, he wanted us to pick her up in the convertible!! So we did. Poor thing, you know she had to be terrified!! We know her parents from work and church but still! She did not want me taking any pictures but I finally convinced her to let me take one. And of course it's blurry!!

Then he had graduation Monday!! He looked so handsome and grown!! He received the President's Academic Award. But I have to say, the graduation itself was horrible. Imagine 120 kids in the school cafeteria and all the parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends. It was very hot and crowded. There were 6 valedictorians and they all gave short speeches. We could not hear a word of them. I was so disappointed. One of the boys that gave a speech was Josh's best friend and he has a great sense of humor. I wanted to hear his speech, but NO!! Then the other one I really wanted to hear was from a girl that had been diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma at the beginning of the year and has gone through chemo and radiation this school year and still maintained a 4.0 (doing her school work at St Judes). It's probably a good thing I couldn't hear it because I would have been crying my eyes out. Speaking of crying, I did not cry at the ceremony at all. I did get a little teary eyed afterwards when it hit me that this part of his life is behind us and he is getting older!! It was sad too to think about not seeing some of his friends and their parents again. The graduation pictures are on Brad's camera. I'll try to post them later.

My sweet MIL gave me this flower a couple of years ago. It just bloomed this year. Guess it had to think about whether it liked me or not!!


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Messed up!

I was just a bragging to my friend Laura the other day that I had put some posts in draft mode so I could just add to them and maybe be better about posting. There is a new post several posts down called New Pendants. It's posting in date order of when I created it. I'll have to do better with my next *draft* post!! Guess y'all get to go hunting for it......LOL

Outrigger Island

Tonight was the Children's Choir Musical, Outrigger Island. Jonah played the part of Ben, the preacher's son. Josh didn't have a speaking part this time but he did get to play the drums. It was a very good program!! The kids all did great. I was very proud of Jonah. He's only 8 and he did a very good job of learning his lines and then performing them. He even got a couple of laughs from the audience!!

More baseball pics



Here are a couple more baseball pictures of Jonah. In the group picture, Jonah is the one yawning!! Guess he'd heard enough!! Coach Brad was getting them fired up for the game. Both teams were undefeated until we won!! 30-5!! We play the same team today. Wonder who will win today?? I'll let you know.

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New pendants


Gotta love making pendants!! One of these is for Jonah's student teacher's last day and the other is a birthday present for one of his little girl friends!! I bet I played with different fonts for an hour. Printed them out on white paper for a trial run and then decided to use them anyway. I punched out the letters then used my silver stamp pad to give them a *marbled* look. Unfortunately the pink one kinda blurred but he still wanted to give it to her. Doggone it, now I have to go to Michael's to get more stamp pads in different colors.......

Baseball is still going great! Jonah's Gorillas are still undefeated!! He is really into baseball this year. He is paying attention to the strategy of it. I just love it!

The end of school is $5ing me to the poor house. Every time I turn around somebody wants $5!! Jake is going on a field trip to La Tech to the Chemistry department and the Nanotechnology department. He is VERY interested in the nanotech. Next fall his science teacher is going to take him one Saturday to spend the day in the nano department. If he's mentioned it one time, he has a hundred times!! Josh needs $5 for chik-fil-a for his field day, $5 for his tassel for graduation, and $5 for a ticket to the 6th grade dance (he might need another $5 for his date!!) UGH!!! Good thing I worked 4 days this week!!!

Tomorrow is Jonah's field day. I didn't know it until today. Of course I'm supposed to work. It's from 8:30 - 9:30, so I'm going to call in the morning and see if they'll let me come in a little late.

Jake had a late ball game tonight. It didn't start until 8. I went for a little bit but then left so Jo could get in bed and rest for his busy day tomorrow. Brad is IM'ing me as I type letting me know the score. Right now Jake is up to bat, bases loaded. We're up 10-5!! I'm a little nervous.......and sad that I'm not there. The call now is 1 ball, 1 strike.........My heart can't take this!! Well, he struck out and he was the 3rd out. I know he is MAD. But they did win - 13-7!!!! That makes them the #1 team!!!!

Ok, I'm off to watch Grey's Anatomy and pout!! LOL

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The game ball


Finally a picture of Jo with a game ball for hitting his home run!! Don't you love that smile?!

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Wonderful news!

This is a miracle!! My very dear friend's, Debi, husband has a benign brain tumor. He went yesterday to Dallas for another MRI, to check growth, and to meet with the surgeon and oncologist. Surgery had been scheduled for June 12th. You can imagine the fear they had facing brain surgery. Well, Debi called last night and they've decided that surgery wasn't needed and it could be treated with radiation!!! This is just the best news!! His tumor is around the optic nerve so the loss of vision was very very real. Today they will find out if the treatment can be done in Baton Rouge, where they live, or if it will be in Dallas. The schedule is for the treatment to be for an hour a day for 6 weeks. I just cried and cried when she told me. God is so good!!

Not much going on around here except for baseball!! I think we play every day but Wednesday this week. It's fun though. Jonah has gotten so much better. He even hit a home run (not an over the fence home run but still a home run!!). His team is undefeated so far. Jake's team is doing pretty good too. I think they've only lost one game.

The love bug has hit our house this spring. Josh came home from school with a girlfriend!! You should hear all the advice his big brother is giving him!! I'm so sad my babies are growing up.

The Children's Choir musical is this Sunday. Jonah has a speaking part in the drama. He is soooo excited!! It was a little hard on Josh that he didn't get a part because he has a part in all of the past ones. But he has been very sweet helping Jonah get ready.

I have been selling some of my jewelry. A friend of mine that I work with has a booth in a shop and she has bought some to sell for me. I can't wait to see how it does. I just made a bunch of earrings to add to what I sent her earlier.

I almost forgot about the Josh story!! It's old news but it will be good to put it here to remember when I'm old and senile!! Josh was playing around and fell out of the swing and landed on his back. Of course, he was winded and couldn't breath. That
totally freaked him out. So he started running toward Brad, who was on the patio frying french fries. Apparently Josh passed out when he got to Brad and hit the fryer. He doesn't remember anything but waking up on the ground. He burned his arm in 2 places and on his cheek right under his eye.

We were mostly worried about getting Josh calmed down and getting him breathing again. The next morning he was complaining about his eyeball burning and his vision being blurred. I got him an appointment with Dr Bivens, b/c of course Dr. Stanley (our regular pediatrician) was on vacation. She tested his eyes and all he could see out of the bad eye was the big E. Then she looked for a corneal abrasion and there
was one. She got us an appointment with an opthamologist for the next morning. He checked Josh out and he was fine! The abrasion was totally gone and his vision was just like it was before!! Another miracle. The opthamologist seemed more worried about the wound on his face. His face looks great now. I'm just going to have to be really good about putting sunscreen on it this summer.