22 Years!!



Twenty-two years  ago today I married my best friend!  He is a wonderful man and I am very blessed to have him.  He has worked very hard to take of me so I could stay home to take care of our boys. I think have always been together.  We started dating the end of our junior year in high school!!  I got him to go out with me by telling him I had a *vette*.  He loves cars.  Imagine how disappointed he was when he got to my house and found out it was a Che-vette instead of a Corvette! 

I pulled out our wedding album to get this picture.  I haven’t looked at it in a very long time!  Oh the memories!   I think my favorite one is while I was getting ready in the back of the church, Daddy came in and said that everything was fine now.  I looked at him puzzled.  He said that they had found my ring.  I had NO idea my ring was lost!  Brad had put his keys in the box with my ring so he wouldn’t forget it.  When he opened the box to get the keys, unknown to him, he dropped my ring.   So when he gets to the church he starts looking for it.  His house is 15 minutes from our church.  Luckily one of his sweet neighbors went looking for my ring in the GRAVEL driveway.  She found it and brought it to him.   I’m so glad they didn’t tell me until it was found!!

Some of the memories looking at pictures were sad.  Grandparents that are no longer with us.  Brad’s dad that is no longer here.  But I am so glad that we have the pictures to remember! 

We all look so young!  (and skinny!!)

Happy Anniversary Brad!  I love you!  Thanks for sharing your life with me!!