Birthday party pictures, finally!!

Jonah wanted a scavenger hunt birthday party.  Well, I’m not very creative that way, so to Google I went!!  Found this site and my problems were solved!  YAY!  For $19.95 I had the hunt, invitations to print out and all the hints I needed.  One part of the hunt was to take photos doing different things and the other part was collecting things.  I set the party for 2 hours and we should have done 3.  It was easy and fun! 

There was a girl team and a boy team.  Only 2 of his little girl friends showed up, so one of the older girls filled in.  She was a GREAT sport about it. 

Here’s some of the girl pictures:

The girls hanging upside down on the hammock, girls showing off their muscles and the girls (with Josh and Bruno) working on the hunt!


 girls2 girls3


Now the boys’ pictures:

boys4 boys1 boys2 boys3

The boys showing off their muscles!  (The girls were much more creative showing theirs off!) T and Jonah checking the list. Don’t you love how Bruno works his way in the pictures?!

These are the items the had to collect.  The blue cards are the girls and the red are the boys (red is Jonah’s fav color!)



The last part of the party, each team had to take foil, toilet tissue and garland and decorate the team leader.  The girls made G like a Greek goddess, complete with a necklace, bracelet and rings!!  Lovely!!  And Jonah was a robot.  Too cute!

gracie jorobot

I wish there was a better way to show/tell you how much fun they had!  Jonah said it was the best party ever!

This is the cake.  It was soooo delicious!!


And here’s the whole group on the trampoline watching Jonah open his presents.


Thanks for reading this LONG post!!  Hope y’all have a great week!  Hopefully my next post will be pictures of our badminton tournament we had in our backyard Saturday… fun fun!

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