The Attic


When we bought our house 6 years ago, one of the biggest things we wanted to do was to take in the attic.  Our house’s roof has a very very high pitch and the attic is HUGE or huge to us!  We had a friend give us a quote on doing it and it was more than we paid for our first house.  (You know it had to be bad because we aren’t really old enough to say that!!) 

We found another contractor and when he gave us his quote, I almost passed out…it was sooo much cheaper than the first one.  Now to be fair, the first quote had us having two bedrooms and baths, and bumping out the roof to add a window.  This new quote was for just one big room, closet and bathroom.

To say we are excited is an understatement!!  He should be done by the end of next week!!  I have been a little stressed trying to pick out some of the things.  Thank goodness it’s not much!  But I have had fun too!  I’ve never had a chance to do this before. 

I took some pictures today to show what we’ve done.  I didn’t include the before pics….just picture your attic, big open and dark!! 


This was probably the hardest decision.  The picture above is in the bathroom.  The drywall on the bottom will be mirror up to the board, so that angled part will have to be where the light goes.  I had the hardest time trying to figure out what kind of light to put there!  Should I do the eyeball cans? Or a long fluorescent type?  So off to Home Depot I go!  I found a track light that has a very lazy *S* shape.  I hope it works!  I just thought I could move the lights however I needed to with that kind of fixture. 


This picture is a view when you walk up the stairs.  The bathroom is on the far end.  Not very exciting looking but it’s come soooo far!!


This is my next dilemma!  How in the world do I paint the stairs?  And I don’t mean ME paint them!!  But color-wise.  I’m not carrying the brown from the room below up to this room.  It would be too dark.  So do I leave the brown where it is on the right hand side and paint the left the color of the new room?  Or paint both the walls the brown and let that be an accent wall??  See on the right hand side where the wires are hanging out?  Above that will be a short bookcase.  He was going to put a handrail but I found a picture where they put a bookcase there and LOVED it!  There’s enough room there  to put a chair and lamp and make a reading nook.  Gotta love that!

I hope all this made sense and you can get a feel for what we have done.  I have more pictures that I took from different angles all around the room, but I didn’t want to bore you! 

If you have any advice or ideas, please let me know!  I am not a decorator at all!  I’m much more of a cook… speaking of which, I have Chocolate Amish Bread in the oven right now!  Better go check on it!!

2 heart felt thoughts:

Laura said...

Eyeball cans?? What the heck is that? The room looks HUGE! I know you are so happy!!

Rachel said...

Leigh - I can't find your e-mail anywhere, so I hope this gets to you. I have your Quaker Friendship Round Robin and I want to send it home. Please let me know how I can get a hold of you.