National Honor Society

I was soooo proud and excited when I found out that Jake had been accepted into the NHS!  He has probably 250 kids in his class and he was one of 25(ish) that were inducted this year.  What an honor!!  His dad and I are VERY VERY proud of the young man he is growing into.  Here are some pics from that night.


NHSjake&rachel NHS2 NHS3 NHS4 NHS5

He looks so grown up!!  But I guess he is growing up! 

He has decided he is interested in pharmacy as a career.  So this summer he is going to hang out with my dad at his drugstore and learn the ropes.  Since my dad lives an hour from us, Jake will stay with them some too!  Poor daddy!!  Think he’s ready for a 16y/o again?!!

This is a great opportunity for Jake.  I think he’s excited and nervous.  Daddy did say that he had to wear khakis and get a haircut……poor Jake!  He loves his hair!

2 heart felt thoughts:

Katrina said...

I think his hair is nice ;-). Huge congrats to Jake on NHS too. Hope he has a good summer working with his grandfather. My DS's on again, off again girlfriend just finished pharmacy school. We really want her to be on all the time, she's a sweetie.

Laura said...

That IS a GREAT picture of you, Brad, and Jake!! I agree it needs a frame! Congrats, Jake!!