Beach bound!!

Hopefully at 7am tomorrow, we will be in our fully loaded, too stuffed, very expensive to drive SUV heading to Florida.  There is a condo with our name on it, right on the beach,  just waiting for the 5 of us to arrive.  I am so ready to be there. 

Things around here have been a little stressful with my grandfather-in-law being very sick and some other family drama going on.  So there are a couple of us that are ready for that beach chair, umbrella and Vanilla Coke Zero!!  And you should see the stack of books I'm bring to read!! 

We were thinking back and this will be the first beach trip that we've made since our oldest was 2 or 3.  Our middle son was just a baby.  We did stop in Destin to play for a morning when we went to Disney a couple of years ago.  So the boys are very excited!! 

Our condo does have wifi so I should be able to post some pictures from there.  If Brad will let me turn my laptop 

Hopefully I'll be tan and smiling soon!!  Oh, and this does mean I will miss my class reunion.  Will somebody please tell my best friend from high school that I won't be there?  She's not going to be happy with me at all.....

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Laura said...

Okay...I'm waiting for some pictures!!