More beach

We are home!  What a great trip we had.  It was very relaxing and I miss the sound of the ocean already.  I couldn't get over the difference in how the temperatures feel so differently.  Here, 94 is roasting!  Down there, it was just hot but not kill you hot.  I'm ready to go back!!

The jellyfish were really bad just about the whole time we were down there.  And the waves were very rough because of Dolly.  The last day, Friday, the boys were finally able to get in the water.  I don't have good pictures of that because I thought the big camera was in the room.  Little did I know it was in the beach bag.  UGH!  So all I had with me was my little one and the pictures just aren't that great. 



Ok, those that know Brad, notice anything missing??  (besides his shirt!!  lol)  and what do you think??  I'm still not sure......


Jonah was all worn out!  He looks so sweet while he's sleeping!!  lol


Jonah being *eaten* by the alligator at Fudpuckers!! 

We ate out twice while we were there.  Once at Fudpuckers and the other at the Old Bay Steamer.  My favorite was definitely Old Bay!


Here's the platter before we started:


See the steam rising up off of it??  This was the best food ever!!  Those shrimp were wonderful and the crab legs!  Oh my!!  I think I have a new favorite!!  This huge platter fed the 5 of us and we had leftovers!

And here's the platter afterwards....


There are more pictures on the big camera.  If I find some  that won't bore you to death, I'll post them!!  lol


Beach pictures









These are pictures from the yesterday (Tuesday).  Think the boys are having fun??!!  When did Jake and Josh grow up?  They look so grownie!

The trip yesterday was very uneventful, just long!  We left at 7:30 and got here about 4.  The condo is very nice and the complex is small.  The beaches here are not crowded at all. 

For some reason, everybody got up early and we were on the beach at 8!!  Which turned out, was very good.  The rain set in around 1 and lasted until 4, so we got a little down time. 

We had a sand day today, as Jonah called it.  The water was FULL of jelly fish.    Nobody got in the water today.  I so hope it will be better tomorrow.  Otherwise, we might have to find some other entertainment!

Well, I think we're about to watch a movie.  The condo has some freebies that come with it, beach chairs and umbrellas, and free movie rentals!!

Beach bound!!

Hopefully at 7am tomorrow, we will be in our fully loaded, too stuffed, very expensive to drive SUV heading to Florida.  There is a condo with our name on it, right on the beach,  just waiting for the 5 of us to arrive.  I am so ready to be there. 

Things around here have been a little stressful with my grandfather-in-law being very sick and some other family drama going on.  So there are a couple of us that are ready for that beach chair, umbrella and Vanilla Coke Zero!!  And you should see the stack of books I'm bring to read!! 

We were thinking back and this will be the first beach trip that we've made since our oldest was 2 or 3.  Our middle son was just a baby.  We did stop in Destin to play for a morning when we went to Disney a couple of years ago.  So the boys are very excited!! 

Our condo does have wifi so I should be able to post some pictures from there.  If Brad will let me turn my laptop 

Hopefully I'll be tan and smiling soon!!  Oh, and this does mean I will miss my class reunion.  Will somebody please tell my best friend from high school that I won't be there?  She's not going to be happy with me at all.....

Happy 4th!! (late!!)

Hope y'all had a great day yesterday!  We did.  Started out going for a walk.  My class reunion is at the end of this month and I need to shape up a little bit.  Think I can lose 20lbs in a month??  ha!!  When I got back from walking, Jake helped me with the flower beds.  We put down some pine bark mulch.  I HATE pulling weeds and my mom had told me to lay newspaper on top of the ground before I put the mulch down.  Unfortunately, we only had enough paper for one side!!  Looks really good on one side and very sad on the other.  Hopefully I can even it up soon.

Our niece spent the night with us Thursday night.  It was fun to have a little girl around!  She's 5 and loves all things girly!!  She even had a princess nightgown. 

Brad and Josh have been working on go-carts this week.  Josh loves to ride and the go-cart he's been riding has been giving him fits.  So Brad found a new engine for it.  Josh helped Brad put it on and he is so proud!  It's so easy to crank too.  Even I can crank it!! 

After we finished with the flower beds, we all took turns riding the go-carts.  We even got Anna to ride with me!  I think she liked it.


Brad barbequed chicken and sausage for us.  I made potato salad, baked beans, deviled eggs and angel food cake.  We all ate too much.  Good thing I went walking!!